No country for farm men- US-Mex farmer shrinkage

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No country for farm men- US-Mex farmer shrinkage
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My goal is to explain the agricultural relation Mexico and its southern neighbors shares with the United States. It is interesting to note that agriculture was once was the largest sources of employment in every country in the region and now has fallen to a stable .07 percent share of the labor force in the United States–(with a shrinking share in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador). This transition is being met with a changing market, where we can see a general shift away from the agricultural industry and into the service sector. This is occurring in practically all of the Americas, owing to the fact to the privatization and mechanization of agricultural techniques has streamlined the process. Essentially, Mexico is coming to resemble the United States (lifestyle, urbanization, diet) and Central America is following suit (albeit, more slowly). As incomes rise, the workforce orients itself to the service sector.

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