Culmination Journal 3

Issue to Consider

I am about 85% finished with the production part of the project, which is where i create and arrange the sounds in Ableton Live. I divided the video footage in to different sections. Each section is a different room, or location of the Mansion property. I started my production process with the less complicated rooms. However i was fooled at times. There were longer parts of the video footage that had a less complicated sound design (less things happening/ less sounds to arrange ect.). Then there were sections that were just a a few seconds long that would have multiple things occurring, or something happening that required more layers of sounds.

The Video footage is about 12 minutes long. The beginning of the video is the camera man just recording the outside of the mansion, it is not part of the actual walk through attraction. I do not think i will include that footage in my project.

Then the camera man is recording some of the inside of the mansion before the actual walk through starts. He did a little bit of video editing in that part of the video footage, doing a fade from 1 room to the next. Though it is not part of the walk through, it is great footage of the hotel, and i love the sounds i designed for it. I will include that in the project which comes before the walk through of the attraction starts. I guess that will enforce the hybrid style project that i am going for which i addressed in a previous Journal.

Culmination Journal 2

Issue To Consider

Early in the production process i came across an issue to consider. I am designing the the sound to a live walk through video, so there were a few approaches to take. I could have either worked on this as a movie format, where the audience is more aware that they are watching a video (more music in the background ect.) or i could have approached it as a live walk through that is displayed as a video. They sound like they are almost the same thing but the experience is different when viewing.

The final part of the project is the Qlab portion, which launches the cues of the sound design. Therefore, though the project is  sound design for a walk through video, it is still a live triggered attraction. – a hybrid of a live attraction and and walk through video.

Culmination Journal

Introduction to my Culmination Project.

I will be doing the sound design for Disney’s Haunted Mansion Attraction. There are several high quality videos, that tour the full attraction. Based on what i see from the videos of the attraction, i will create new atmospheric sounds, practical sounds, some music, and other effects to make the new sound design as authentic as possible to the ride.


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