The main objective of this 4000-6000-word analytical research report on a scientific or technological problem is to demonstrate to the general audience the history, context, nature, and causes of Cybersecurity, as well as offering possible solutions for these issues and ways to solve them. In this following analytical research report, we will be defining the term “Cybersecurity,” including the importance of the term, and the terms significance, the issues regarding Cybersecurity, and the possible solutions.

To do that, first, we will introduce the term with the definition. Then, in the result and discussion segment, we will talk about how often people use the internet and how often they obey the procedure based on the user criteria with references. We will also show some survey results to help people understand why cybersecurity is so relevant in today’s world and how most people are unconcerned about data protection.

Then in the implementation section, we will talk about the different types of cyber threats and the best solution to those threats according to the experts. The automatic threat detection sequences and the best way to counter this attack will be discussed first in this section. Then we will discuss the electrical grid’s utilization. We will also discuss a DOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack on the DAS network, as well as the consequences of the attack and possible solutions.

In the Significance of Cybersecurity section, first, we will talk about the importance of digitization and upcoming mobile network features. Then we will describe technically what Cybersecurity means and how an advanced mobile network system will be a trouble for a user because of a cyber-attack. We will also be giving an example of a person and how he lost his valuable data because of a cyber-attack so the reader can understand the importance of Cybersecurity.

Finally, in the Conclusions/Recommendations section, we will discuss the possible solutions for devices from cyber-threats. We will discuss why hackers are mostly targeting individual users and how to be safe from that cyber-attack. We will be giving several recommendations for device safety, such as using firewalls, upgrading the device, having a backup plan to back up the important data in a safe place, avoid unnecessary websites, etc. Furthermore, we will discuss the most common way to secure network access. We will give some recommendations for the latest standard ways to secure the network and some tips for the strong password to set the Wi-Fi Protected Access. We also discuss how to implement a virtual private network (VPN) and how it can be used to hide the data.

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