Resources for Homeless


In NYC there are many resources for homeless people:

1.NYC Department of Homeless Services

  • Provides temporary emergency shelters to families and individuals that need emergency housing
  • Help people from shelters to move in to permanent and stable housing
  • SNAP and cash assistance help

2. The Coalition’s Grand Central Food Program

  • Provide healthy and nutritional meals for the homeless people in NYC
  • In cold seasons coats, hats, gloves, and blankets are distributed
  • Job training, education, and social support
  • Eviction Prevention (economic support for rent)
  • Alcohol and Rehab Treatment Program

3. The Partnership for the Homeless

  • Health and Mental health assistance (access to Medicare & Medicate )
  • Financial Counseling (develop a budget)

4. The Bowery Mission 

  • Programs for Men (meals,  night of shelter,  shower,  clothing,  free medical  appointments)
  • Programs for Woman (chronic substance abuse, financial exploitation, sexual victimization, past trauma or abuse help)
  • Programs for children (Mont Lawn Camp and Mont Lawn City Camp programs are designed to provide the right supports to a youth’s development, at the right time, from age 6 to age 18. )