How can you help?


Anyone interested in fighting against homelessness might be able to help. There many things that a New York City resident can do to help these people in need:

-Understand who are the homeless people: Many people have a wrong idea about homeless people. Learning how people become homeless, being aware who they are and giving them the same respect as any other relative or friend.

-Create a list of shelters in the city:  Have information about shelters or any place where they can need people to help the homeless. Also, bringing items and products to this places can be effective.

-Donate clothes, food, and toys: Giving away things that you do not use anymore, or bringing some food products to the closest shelters or food drive events around your area. Toys can be distributed to homeless children who got nothing to play with.

-Volunteering: There are many ways to volunteer and help homeless people. First, volunteering professional services can help to share your skill with many people in the shelters. Then, volunteering at a shelter where you can help people to serve meals and give counseling to people who needed. Finally, volunteering at homeless soup kitchens to provide meals to the homeless and other disadvantaged members of the community.

Contact local help: If you see homeless people on the streets and you think they need some kind of help, you should call to homeless local services. Also, if any homeless is having a problem and they might be a danger for someone else or themselves call the 311.