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Abstract – Culture and Dental Aesthetic in Africa and the United States

Dental aesthetics across Africa and the United Sates are broadly different and ask for sensitive understanding.  Did you know in parts of Africa long teeth are carved because it represents anger and jealousy?  It is crucial that we understand the cultural difference that exists in teeth in Africa because we often prejudge or misunderstand their beauty.  Tooth mutilations in Africa were both for aesthetic purposes and expressed superiority between males and females.  Females with long teeth in Africa would have to carve their teeth to a shorter proportion to males because it was perceived as disrespectful.  Carved teeth in Africa also represents patience, conformity, patience, and a form of dominance.   Comparing African aesthetic to the United States shows Americans have a different view on dental beauty.  With cultural understand and sensitivity to dental aesthetics we can become more accepting and knowledgeable.