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About Uploading The Abstract~

I am seeing other people in this Tooth Morphology Community having trouble uploading their abstracts into the right category and place. I made a mini “visual” tutorial if you still don’t understand what Prof. Alter said. Good Luck to you all and looking forward to your abstracts/term papers if you wish to upload them. If you cannot see the video clearly, try clicking “Original” or “HD 1080p”. Remember, Abstracts are due tomorrow!

Click Link Below To See The Tutorial:

Open Lab Abstract Tutorial

Best Regards,

Lawrence Lee

Dental Aesthetic Across Cultures Research Paper

Hello Everyone,

Please submit your abstracts as a post. I would encourage everyone to include their paper as an attachment for others to enjoy.

Go to Posts > Add New.  Include your abstract and attach your paper if you wish.  Please be sure to categorize your post as “Dental Aesthetic Across Cultures Research Paper.”  To do so, look for the Categories box on the right side of the screen under the Publish box.  Click on the “Dental Aesthetic Across Cultures Research Paper” category and then publish your post.

Once abstracts and papers are submitted here please read and comment on with merit and substance on the subject matter.

Thank you all,

Prof. Alter

Recap of Library session

Greeting All,

Thank you everyone for participating in today’s library session. I hope you found it effective and will ensure your research endeavors easily achieved. Wanted to remind you that you will be spending this week reading the first chapter of Esthetic dentistry in clinical practice that we spoke about today in class, you’ll find it in the reference section. After doing so you will begin browsing the different data bases and begin to formulate an idea and a topic that captures your interest. You MUST email me at ( ; your topic of choice prior to our next meeting, no later that 9/19/11. Make sure to include your name and section number in the title.

Also, I have added a new resource tab with a link to the library wiki page designed for Restorative Dentistry. Check it out you’ll find a lot of interesting information that would help you with your research.


Prof. Alter