In today’s world, security is a vital part of networking due to the fact that a network needs to be protected, in this way  its data will not be compromised. The reason network security is essential because it helps to protect personal data, files, and other important information connected to your personal technological devices. Increasing a network’s security by creating a longer and more secure  password for a system’s router decreases the chance of privacy spoofing, identity leak or even information theft, along with many others. A network allows computing devices to communicate with each other without being connected through physical communications medium, such as a CAT5 network cable or any involvement of wire. The safety of a network is important as a network itself since it is what makes people able to connect to the internet. If someone’s data were to get hacked by a data breach, for example their personal information will be out there on the internet for people to steal. A person’s personal information should be safeguarded like a social security number. Once people get access to someone’s personal accounts then anyone can steal people’s identities and being the direct cause of their close family and friends to also be at risk of being hacked leading to a chain of events.

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