Always make sure you have strong passwords. It is recommended that if all your passwords are the same that you should change them. Also constantly change passwords. Password managers can help with this problem such as Apple’s Keychain or paid services like NordPass. Observe twice for those emails or messages on multiple apps that look suspicious as this may be a phishing attack. Confirm any digital account of your emails or applications that support 2 factor authentication

Search your own name and figure out what companies have posted your personal information online explain email them or report using their Contact Us section to take off your personal information online. For example Whitepages sometimes these sites come up on searches but if they don’t you can always go on whitepages and report it.

As last, ensure files are backed up and store on a outside source whether it is the cloud or any other drives. Check that your computer systems are all backed up and ready If there was a future attack that they can be rebooted again with a prior saved data.