Welcome to READ!

Founded in 2013 at City Tech, Reading Effectively Across the Disciplines (READ) is an interdisciplinary program in which reading and content area faculty members work together to promote effective reading and active learning across the curriculum. The program consists of five main components–faculty development, effective assessments, peer-led team learning, and READ OpenLab sites, and research to improve disciplinary literacy.

The following are our goals:

  1. To equip content faculty with reading strategies, formative assessment tools, and disciplinary literacy instructional approach
  2. To develop content specific assignments to help students read and learn more effectively
  3. To evaluate the implementation of strategies
  4. To implement READ Peer-Led Team learning (PLTL) student workshops to enhance learning
  5. To promote active reading and learning
  6. To enable students to become responsible and independent readers
  7. To research pedagogical approaches and curricular enhancement to improve students’ disciplinary literacy

Meet the READ Team!


Interim Provost Pamela Brown

Associate Provost Reginald Blake

Juanita But (English)

Robert Ostrom (English)

Jeremy Seto (Biological Sciences)

Davida Smyth (Biological Sciences)

Melissa Yee (Biological Sciences)

Carol Whyzmunis (Biological Sciences)

Michael Gotesman (Biological Sciences)

Anna Matthews (Dental Hygiene)

Maria-Elena Biello (Dental Hygiene)

Laura Andreescu (Restorative Dentistry)

Ohbong Kwon (Computer Engineering Technology)

Kenneth Markowitz (Computer Engineering Technology)

Chen Xu (Computer Engineering Technology)

Henry Laboy (Computer Engineering Technology)

Victoria Medialdea (Chemistry)

Nadia Benakli (Mathematics)

Michael Loo (Architecture)

Jason Montgomery (Architecture)

Robert Christo (Architecture)

Rachel Raskin (Business)

Paul Salisbury (Business)


We’d also like to credit Carlos Estremera for designing the READ logo.