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    • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 7 (‘Education’): ‘“I Have a Right to Think!”: Racial Battles over Education, 1900-1970’; ‘Whiteness in Education’. keywords: Atlanta Compromise, the (Desmond and Emirbayer 2020:228-29); Brown v. Board of Education (1954; p. 231); canon (p. 235); colonialism; Dead White Males (p. 234-35); Eurocentric curriculum (p. 234); hypersegregated schools (p. 234); individualistic fallacy, the (p. 233); industrial education vs. equal education (p. 230); separate but equal (p. 231); settler colonialism; symbolic violence (p. 230); talented tenth, the (p. 230); whiteness (p. 234). 

Asynchronous Work

  • Identify at least one way whiteness informs your major field of study or one of the classes in which you are currently enrolled. In a brief essay (around 500 words), explain precisely how racial domination is normalised; offer at least one consequence of this normalisation and advance at least one suggestion for how whiteness might be effectively confronted (note: this assignment is taken almost verbatim from Desmond and Emirbayer 2016:279). Submit your essay by creating a new thread in the ‘Whiteness in Education’ discussion forum on Blackboard.

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