For Wednesday, 21 September


  • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 2 (‘The Invention of Race’): ‘Manifest Destiny’; ‘Immigration from Asia and Europe’; Racial Discourses of Modernity’; ‘America’s Racial Profile Today’; ‘We, the Past’. keywords:colonialism; eugenics; manifest destiny (2016:70); modernity.

In Class

  • Attendance
  • Q&A: TBA
  • Reading Notes for Next Time

For Next Time

  • A Call for Unity’ (12 April 1963). The letter from eight moderate white Alabama clergymen that prompted King’s jailhouse retort a few days later.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ (1963). keywords: massive resistance; nonviolent resistance; Satyagraha.  

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