In what ways can properly brushing your teeth prevent oral health complications?

During this presentation Yamilex, Jaclyn, Ebony, and Rifat will inform the class how to properly brush one’s teeth to prevent poor oral health.

Here is the step by step on how we gathered our research so you can teach someone!

First Step : Identify the issue- Most individuals do not realize that poor oral health can lead to further complications.

Second Step: Filter the search results to qualified dental professionals with illustrations that complement the research

  • Scholarly articles, Toothpaste companies, and Everyday Health
  • [How To Properly Brush My Teeth]  – type in any internet search bar

Third Step: Determine which tooth brushing method works best for you!

Oral health issues and risks of not brushing their teeth or improperly brushing.

– It should be common for every person to brush their teeth. Especially, brushing their teeth twice a day. Some people have their own beliefs on how often one should brush their teeth. It is important to prevent cavities during the night as well.

– Dentists suggest that the morning round should be done after eating. There may be some that believe that brushing before eating is safest. It is true that one can feel uncomfortable to eat with cavities from overnight.

-It is important to teach children how to properly brush the teeth, and help them in the process to make sure that their little teeth are strong and healthy. For example, my wife does great at teaching my two year old how to brush his teeth. She makes sure she brushes the teeth from inside, and outside, and that the little ones doesn’t eat all the toothpaste.

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