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13 Driver’s Licenses (a two-part documentary)

Ryoya Terao

Documentary Film Production The discovery of 13 confiscated driver’s licenses from 1938 leads a small German town to face its regrettable past. With no other clue but those licenses, a group of high-school s […]

Literature Curriculum Committee of the Department of English

Literature Curriculum Committee of the Department of English

This site aims to share information about assignments, course design, and the activities of the Literature Curriculum Committee.

Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

Sean MacDonald, Reneta Lansiquot, Monica Berger

Spring 2024 meetings February 15 March 21 April 15 (Monday) May 6 (Monday)

OpenLab OER Working Group

Bree Zuckerman

This group is organized through the Library’s OER program, and will explore, discuss, and spread the word about OpenLab features and functionalities.

HMGT Academic Advising

Prof. Karen Goodlad

Advice, tips and resources from faculty, staff and students to ensure all Hospitality Management students can design their own path to graduation.

AI and Automation Lab & Club – Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) for AI, Robotics, and Aut

Andy S. Zhang

A $540,000 Grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish an Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI), a research and education hub that will further enhance the college’s very successful robotics p […]

Entertainment Technology Culmination Project

Project site for all Entertainment Technology and Emerging Media Technology majors.

Many Voices: Designers in Discourse

Many Voices: Designers in Discourse

Jenna Spevack

”Many Voices: Designers in Discourse” is a journal of writing and research created by and for student designers enrolled in City Tech’s Communication Design (COMD) BFA Program. Our mission is to provide a platform […]

Professional and Technical Writing Committee

Professional and Technical Writing Committee

A project of the English Department at City Tech CC-licensed group avatar by nikpawlak

Stage Management Class

class stuff

OpenStax Biology

Prof. Seto

OpenStax Biology Reading Supplement


Prof. Seto

An Open Education Resource laboratory manual for Biology