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Can this be OVER ALREADY

Can this be OVER ALREADY



Eric’s COrona Blog

Eric’s COrona Blog


Eric’s COrona Blog

Kamili’s COrona Blog

Kamili A.


Instructor’s Resource Manual for Reading Support

Instructor’s Resource Manual for Reading Support

Juanita But

This manual provides reading instructional strategies and resources for faculty teaching writing courses.

Live Event Management


Course content for Live Event Management and Production Management

Automobile Toddler Alerting System

This circuitry product for automobiles specifically designed for parents and for the protection of toddlers in mind, devolved from a tragic story aired on October 1, 2008 on the Oprah’s television talk show t […]

MTEC Connect

MTEC Connect is a resource site for a student from the Emerging Media Technology Department. This site will be a compilation of all the resources students require including equipment checkouts, CLT and professor […]


New York State Dental Hygiene Educators Association is an association of the educators from the 11 dental hygiene programs across New York State. Members meet at least 1x a year at the annual New York State […]

Game On, Python! Fall 2020

Game On, Python! Fall 2020

Andrea Allard

Through a video game development group project and a developer’s blog discussing the process of problem-solving used to create the game, this course will present students with an overall inner inspection of both t […]

The Deepthought Network

Rachel J Dawidowicz

In Douglas Addams’s novel ”The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” a supercomputer named Deepthought answered ”The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” The answer aside, this is an open forum to […]

CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) – WorldWide Pandemic

Alvin F., Ye Lin Htut, Joshua Patterson, Brianna Persaud

CoronaVirus is a scientific problem that is occurring right now in today’s world, and it is linked to our majors being revolved around technology. We decided on taking the lead on how deaths and tracking cases a […]

ENG2575 Technical Writing Fall 2020 Team 1 Project Site


A Fall 2020 ENG2575 Technical Writing collaborative project website. This site will cover Team 1’s project relating to current technical issues with quantum computers involving development cost, qubit […]