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City Tech’s Fun Facts Finder

City Tech’s Fun Facts Finder

Jenna Spevack

City Tech’s Fun Facts Finder is an augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt. Discover locations throughout the City Tech campus and learn the fun facts about each location.

Introduction to Open Educational Resources

Cailean Cooney

Self-paced introductory OER training module for City Tech faculty. **Note** The project site is temporarily set to private as I make improvements over the Fall 2023 term.

L4: Living Lab Learning Library

Welcome to L4, a virtual resource exchange of innovative teaching practices. To see all that L4 has to offer, please click on the “Visit Project Site” link.

Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Kim Cardascia

City Tech’s Source for Academic Affairs Information

Undergraduate Research

Realizing the value of the research experience at the undergraduate level, this project is committed to fostering research opportunities for City Tech students. Faculty and students can use this project as a place […]

Prof. Ellen Kim’s Portfolio

Prof. Ellen Kim’s Portfolio

WeBWorK on the OpenLab

Jonas Reitz, K. Andrew Parker

WeBWork on the OpenLab is a place where you can ask questions and discuss WeBWorK homework problems, and also see what other students have been asking. Visit the project site to see it in action!

Implementing Residential Electrical Installation Services

Implementing Residential Electrical Installation Services

Jay Feng

Our Residential Electrical Installation Services provide homeowners with comprehensive solutions for all their electrical needs. From initial consultation to project completion, our skilled electricians ensure […]

ETJ Renovations

Jazeid Tonge

Our group’s proposal offers home improvement services. These services will enable long-term and first-time homeowners to elevate their beloved homes in the location of their choice. We provide a variety of options […]

Addressing the Educational Gap


Three Stage Final

Afifa’s ePorfolio 1

Afifa’s ePorfolio 1

Afifa Jarin


Thomas Ahrens International Programs 2024

R Abreu

Selected Hospitality Management students participate first hand, the business of tourism, hotel management, cuisine and culture to our hospitality students at City Tech. During these 3 weeks our students are based […]