Class Information for Monday, Nov 29

Agenda for Monday Nov 29


1–Freewrite: open subject


2**Concepts: Assimilation vs Integration

Assimilation: Melting pot metaphor. Immigrants give up distinctive collective identities and cultural practices in favor of adopting the dominant culture’s cultural practices. [different levels or shades]

Integration: Adoption metaphor. Immigrants adopt basic values and principles of the society they’ve joined, but maintain distinctive cultural practices and identities.


3–An Arranged Marriage:

  • Main Characters
  • Setting: Dhaka and Rochester. half -way around the world.
  • Plot: what happens in the beginning, middle, and end?
  • Globalization
  • Ethics

4–Favorite scene in the story


5–Compare to Doctorow’s “Assimilation”


HOMEWORK: prepare for Wednesday’s in-class quiz  over “An Arranged Marriage,” and also review Steger’s ideas on Globalization and 5 types of Ethics.

Class Information for Wed, Nov 24

Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 24





Go beyond summarizing the thesis.

Don’t do this: Therefore, I’ve proven my thesis.

Move the argument forward!

Recursively edit and update the thesis based on your findings as you write the essay. Recursively: to do something in a looping pattern, bring new information back into the beginning.


3–Quiz review


4–Final Essay Directions and freewrite: favorite two short stories


Homework due Monday, Nov 29: read/review “An Arranged Marriage.”

(Note: Quiz 3 will be on Wednesday)

Class Information for Wednesday, Nov 17

Agenda for 11/17


1–Freewrite: Open subject


2–Discuss characters in “Assimilation”: define this term: assimilation–


3–Quiz from 3:30 – 3:30


Homework due Monday, Nov 22: Read “An Arranged Marriage” by Nell Freudenberger and in your notebook, write down the main characters and what types of globalization and ethics are present. Nothing to turn in, but I will call on students for participation points.

Class Information for Monday, Nov 15

Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 15

1–Freewrite: open subject

2–Ethics Handout: 5 Types of Ethics in Readings menu tab. Read together.

3–15 minutes work in class: characters in Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. Question: what type of ethics does a character seem to follow.








How should the types be ranked?

Jazz: DEONTOLOGY; Virtue Ethics; Utilitarianism; Feminist Ethics; Global ethics

What about: Megan, Man in Black, Donald


Homework for Wednesday, Nov 17: read the story “Assimilation” by Doctorow and prepare for Quiz 2– our second major in-class quiz. 1 question on globalization, 1 on Interpreter of Maladies and 2 questions on ethics and “Assimilation.”

Class Information for Wednesday, Nov 10

Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 10


2–Tony Parsons’s story: Characters and who is most and least guilty


4–Ethics Handout: 5 types of ethics in Readings menu tab


Homework due Monday (11/15) before class: Apply one type of ethics to “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons. In 200 words, explore a character’s actions and what type of ethics they seem to follow. Review the handout on 5 Types of Ethics before starting this assignment. Post to OpenLab Category: ” Extra Credit Coffeehouse #6″ for extra credit points: 5 points added to any quiz or coffeehouse assignment (please tell me the assignment!!!)

Class Information for Monday, Nov 8

Agenda for Monday, Nov 8




–Midterm Essay notes


–Midterm Grades


–Read “Interpreter of Maladies” paragraphs in class


–Character decisions: who is right or wrong. Leading to a discussion of ethics.


Homework due Wednesday, Nov 10: Read Tony Parsons’ story: “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” and bring one question to class. Also: who is the worst or most guilty passenger and who is the least guilty passenger? Double participation points will be awarded.

Class Information for Wednesday, Nov 3

Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 3



2–Discuss Globalization


–Homework for Monday, Nov 8: 

Read “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri, and then prepare a short paragraph about the story to tell the class (there is nothing to submit, this will be a conversation). I will call on each student. 


In order to have a vibrant discussion, I will count participation as double on Monday.


Use the following questions to help prepare your paragraph (You do not have to answer all of these questions. This is a guide):

–Who are the main characters and how can they be described?

–Describe 3-5 main plot points.

–Describe the setting.

–What is the narration style?

–What symbols or metaphors does the story contain?

–What types of globalization are at work? EG, DG, Object-EG, Organization-EG, and what about the four qualities of Globalization that Steger describes?

Class Information for Monday, Nov 1

Hi Class,

Today we will spend considerable time on A Good Fall as it will help set the foundation for some of the ideas that our last unit on Globalization and Ethics in short stories.


2–in class writing and thinking session on questions

3–Q & A

HOMEWORK: Find an example of globalization around you and be prepared to explain how it fits within Manfred Steger’s ideas on globalization.  While you do not need to turn anything in, you should write down a few details about it. For example, my iPhone 12 is an example of object-extended globalization as it combines rare-earth materials from all over the planet. Also, the digital information shared on this object is an example of disembodied globalization.


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