How often should I get a screening?

Regular doctor visits are recommended to run normal test and if anything does pop up more test will be done. Every 6 months.

Does my age matter?

Yes the older you get the more of a risk you hold on getting a heart attack. The older you are the more frequent you should get these test done.

What test do I need?

Blood Pressure should be checked every 2 years. Cholesterol should be checked every 4-6 years. Weight / Body Mass Index should be checked and monitored every doctor visit (every 6 months). Blood glucose test: Recommended to start after the age of 45 after that every 3 years you should check glucose level out. Discuss smoking, physical activity, diet with your doctor every visit.

What risk factors do I have?

All these risk can lead to a heart attack, and the younger you are the higher risk you have of not serving a heart attack.


Heart-Health Screenings:

The key to preventing cardiovascular disease, is managing your risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high total cholesterol or high blood glucose. … The best way to find out is through screening tests during regular doctor visits.

Heart attack risk between male and female are different. According to the health Harvard website each year, about 425,000 women have a stroke and that is 55,000 more than men. (Harvard Article)

Other facts to consider

Stress: Every individual has different stress levels and this can contribute to a higher risk of heart attack.

Alcohol: Drinking is a key factor you should watch out for because it can cause high blood pressure, obesity and other diseases to lead to heart attack. Men should have no more than two drinks per day and women should have no more than one drink per day .

Diet and Nutrition: A healthy diet is one of the best way to fight heart attack.




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