In order to prevent a disease we need first to change our life style the way we eat, live, behave. Heart disease can be consider as a life style disease in which results from one’ s way of living habits, food, social custom sometimes it is the way people choose to live but if they decide to change it that could help them by preventing many diseases specially having a heart attack.


The subject can walk to go to work if their job is two or three blocks away from home. Instead of taking the elevator take the stairways, become a gym member.


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Changing your diet is hard but if you make an effort by decreasing the salt , substitutes your food instead of french fries get a grilled chicken salad , swap a chocolate cookies for an oatmeal one, eat fresh foods, fruits, dried foods , reduce sugar intake and  reduce the number of glass of alcohol you drink and follow a diet people have chance to succeed the subject has to change environment and friends who are not contributing to their health.



Weight management

Maintains body weight in a healthy range, balance calories from foods and beverages with calories expended. To prevent gradual weight gain decrease your food and beverages intake and increase your physical exercise, keep a daily weight log if you are overweight .Here are some related disease associated with weight such as High Cholesterol, Hypertension, asthma, diabetes, osteoarthritis, migraine. This chart represents a 5’4” woman at a different Body Mass Index.

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Cessation of smoking 


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According to a Surgeon General Report 10% of Hospitalization are related to cigarettes which cause heart problem. Smoking can cause your heart to beat fast, Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that increases your blood pressure, which damages your blood vessels. Subscribe to a  support group, avoid people who is smoking, reduce your daily consummation, substitute the cigarettes for something else.


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Limitation in drinking

Reduce your alcohol intake , drinking with moderation is not a problem because sometimes with poor appetite can use it to boost it specially among middle age people consuming alcohol with moderation can correlates with certain health benefits such: risk of heart attacks, stroke, dementia , diabetics, and osteoporosis

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 Social life

Breaking our habits :sometimes habits are hard to break for example your sugar and salt consumption , try to avoid being out with friends all the time  with who is consuming alcohol much of the time the peers are a big influence on those people behavior.

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What could be learned

People can use that educational  project to help other each other, family, neighbors, we do not need to force ourselves on people , we need to show and teaching them the facts they need to know buy  following  a guideline diet, or a health plan.

Talk to your Health Care Provider

Feel comfortable to call your health care provider for any question or concern about your health .They are here to help you and your health and well-being are their priority. Call them as soon as you notice a worsening in symptoms (shortness of breath , fatigue ) . Their goal is to help you stay healthy and out of the hospital so you can enjoy life with your love ones ,family and friends.

Get check up periodically

At the Pharmacy – Doctor’s office -At home with a home monitoring device.


Follows these rules to prevent a heart attack: Exercise- Eat healthy- Get check up


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