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aziz matoug’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolio for CET3640

Eduardo Aniceto’s ePortfolio

Computer control software CET 3640

Awesomeness By Nicholas

Awesome Engineering Materials

Ruben Santivanez’s ePortfolio

Thanks for viewing my profile. My work from city tech shall be here.

Darius Freeman’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolioooooooooo

Wen Zhou’s ePortfolio

New York City College of technology

Orlando Arias’ Portfolio

Orlando Arias’ Portfolio

I believe that simplicity is an art.

Maria Sol Flaherty’s Portfolio

Maria Sol Flaherty’s Portfolio

deepak singh’s ePortfolio

My first website2


Storyboard Concepts

MSairitupa’s Portfolio

CTE 3640

KEN KANG’s ePortfolio

HI, class! Nice to meet everyone! My name is Ken Kang. I am majoring in computer engineering technology. It is my third year in Citytech. I love sports, like basketball, soccer, and ping-pong.