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Project#1 – [Transformations of a polygon in a 2 – coordinate plane]

In this lesson, I am going to introduce the three basic transformations of a polygon in a 2 – coordinate plane using Desmos as a tool to present the work. I used Desmos to create polygons starting with creating points. Typically, I worked on basic transformations of a triangle: translation, reflection, and rotation. I used the table to create the points of a triangle. Also, I changed the point style to segment style so I can have the sides of a triangle. Then, I will use two main methods to do these transformations either by moving the points or writing out the coordinates of each point.

This is the Desmo link:



“project#1-[ graphs of linear functions: changing slope and y-intercepts]

Hi everyone, my topic as you can say is ” graphs of Linear functions : changing slopes and y intercepts”. I have used power point slides for presentation, Microsoft word for writing the lesson plan and Desmos (feature: lines slope intercepts) as a motivating example.

Here is the desmos link: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/qslejqmg1e

My presentation will take you in a journey starting from plotting a point, graphing a line then changing the slope and the y-intercepts in the desmos example. I will remind you about the definition of a linear function, equation of a line as a slope intercept form and then cover the steps of graphing a linear function. at the end I’m going to list the four different type of graphs of linear functions.


Desmos mini project topics

Here are the topics everyone chose in class today. If you want to change your topic, first check to make sure that you choose something that’s different from what’s listed below. Add a comment with your new choice.

josiel trigonometric identities
gary linear or exponential functions
majid graphs of linear functions
luis interpreting data
armando regression or area between two curves
sonam solving inequalities
josue optimization
mei transformations in the 2-coordinate plane
eve solving a system of linear/quadratic equation

(Mini) project #1: Desmos project – due September 6

Project #1 consists of two components: an oral presentations and an OpenLab post. The project must be completed individually, but you are encouraged to discuss with your fellow classmates.


  1. Select a standard from the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for math or another math topic of your choosing. (Some sample topics are listed below.) Each student’s topic must be different; inform the instructor of your choice.
  2. Use Desmos to create an introductory activity or motivating example for this topic. (Create a free account so you can save your work.)
  3. Prepare a 10-minute lesson that you will present to the class.
  4. Submit an OpenLab post briefly summarizing the lesson. Explain how you used Desmos and what features you used. Include links and/or screenshots. Title your post: “Project #1 – [your topic].” Select the category “(Mini) project #1: Desmos project” before publishing.

Due date: Tuesday, September 6
OpenLab post due before class. Presentations in class.

Sample topic ideas:

  • The definition of the derivative: the tangent as a limit of secant lines
  • Riemann sums and definite integrals
  • Transformations of functions and their graphs
  • Inverse functions and their graphs
  • The definition of trigonometric functions using the unit circle
  • Solving inequalities
  • Regression: lines and curves of best fit
  • Graphs of linear functions: changing slopes and y-intercepts

On September 6, there will be 2-3 minutes between presentations. During this time, you will submit feedback for your classmates’ presentations using the form linked below.


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