“Simson’s Theorem: A line that contains the feet of three perpendiculars from a point P to the triangle ABC is called a Simson line for triangle ABC. The point P is the pole of the Simson line.” In other words, given a triangle, a point P outside of the triangle, we will be able to construct the perpendiculars from the point P to the sides of the triangle. The feet of the perpendiculars will lie on a line, which we call it Simson line.

Hi, everyone, I hope my worksheet will help you understand the theorem. To be honest to all of you, the actual work  took for me to finish this was not easy. I almost lost all my work when I tried to make some changes of the wording. I even tried to reproduce the worksheet online, but the internet was off when I tried to save. Fortunately, I finished it. Please find the link below and give me some suggestions on this. Thank you very much for your attention. :)))