Extra Credit Assigment


As announced in class today, you will have the opportunity to complete an assignment for extra credit (link to PDF above). Assignments that are complete and thoughtful can earn up to an extra 1% for your overall grade. This might not sound like a lot, but it has the potential to boost your grade from an F to a D…or a B+ to an A-, for example.

The assignment shouldn’t take you more than 5 or 10 minutes….don’t think too hard about it; just be honest and write what comes naturally.

Print out the PDF and fill in your responses by hand. Hard copies are due either in my hands or in my mailbox in N711 (the mailbox with my name on it will be on your left when enter the room) by noon next Monday, December 22. (Keep in mind that N711 is the math department office, and so it’s closed outside of usual business hours.) No late assignments will be accepted. I’ll bring some printouts to your exam on Thursday for people who want to complete the assignment then and there.

My idea is that I can scan and share your responses with my MAT 1575 students next semester (I’ll remove your names), so please include anything you think they’ll find helpful. If you don’t want your assignment shared with strangers, just write somewhere on it that you’d prefer it be kept private.

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