About the PLTL Club

Our Mission:
To promote and disseminate the Peer-Led Team Learning model by assisting students to succeed in their studies through peer-led workshops, informing faculty of the model, sharing success and opportunities for Peer Leaders, and creating a community of practice among peer leaders.

What we are about:
Peer Leaders and students interested in peer leading meet on a weekly basis to discuss their practice, invite speakers on topics of cognitive learning and educational practices, have social gatherings, prepare for conference presentations and dissemination of the Peer-Led Team Learning model at City Tech, within CUNY, and at other campuses.

PLTL foster’s student learning through peer-led teams. Peer Leaders are skilled in group work as facilitators and facilitate workshops to fellow peers. Peer Leaders are a major component to enhancing, expanding the knowledge of fellow peers in a given course, as well as both internal and external study habits (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics). Our vision is that Peer-Led Team Learning is integral to excellent educational practice.

What are the benefits of attending our Club Meetings?

  • Establish Connections (Become aware of the opportunities to solidify your optimal career path)
  • Attain an Internship (An opportunity to learn more about, to  prepare yourself to become a Peer Leader)
  • Improve on Knowledge (Learn about different cognitive learning methodologies, establish a path to succeeding in the field of education)
  • Engage in a Community (Become conscious, up to date in the modern society of education)
  • Attend Conferences (Build a better understanding of what it is like to present at public events, or participate in public presentation to represent your findings)