Club Events

All of the club events, that are shown below with their respective dates are in the process of solidification. In other words, both the dates and event descriptions are subjected to changes, until further notice.

Date Description of the Event respective to its Date
10/4/2012 Bringing Chaos to Order to the newly founded organization.
10/11/2012 Brainstorming on a Finalized Schedule
10/18/2012 YiMing, Frank, Suhua give a presentation on prior Research.
10/25/2012 A Professor from the Mathematics Department presents the challenges in becoming a Math Educator. (Andrew Parker).
11/8/2012 No Meeting School is Closed. School closed because of Hurricane Sandy.
11/22/2012 No Meeting School is Closed.
11/28/2012 A Professor from the Social Science Department presents their research in Cognitive Learning (Eric Rodriquez).