Group Evaluation

Group 4. Participants: Siana, Candice, Donna, Isata

As a group we decided to come up with an enjoyable and educational game that relates to plagiarism. We all agreed that we should create a game that is fun and interesting to help kids from 3rd to 8th grade level understand the concept of plagiarism. Each person in the group was assigned different roles and had to research information that can contribute to our assignment. Siana’s role was an in depth definition of what plagiarism is, write the first half of the proposal,  as well as creating the concept of using true or false questions in the game. Candice’s task was to research how not to plagiarize, create and design the open lab page, write the second half of the proposal, and design the concept of the game. Isata’s responsibility was to research common plagiarism mistakes, create the answers for the game questions, and help put together the PowerPoint. Donna’s duties was to research the consequences of plagiarism, come up with the questions for our game and to also assist with creating the PowerPoint. Each member of our group was able to work with each other and bring forth their ideas. We were able to cohesively come to a consensus on agreeing to different issues within our topic. The strengths of this group was that we were able to understand everyone’s point of view and respect their ideas. On the other hand, our group could improve by utilizing the open lab and communicating outside of the classroom.