Common Plagiarism Mistakes

When it comes to writing our own material, say a research paper, there are many things that could go wrong real fast. When researching material for use for your paper, one of the major issues are plagiarism. Common plagiarism mistakes vary from an individual not fully understanding what plagiarism is to them having a lapse of judgement.

  • Made a lot of notes for essay and cannot remember where info was found. Ineffective method of note taking.
  • Purchased material- some may think it is okay to use material purchased online as their own.
  • Others think it’s oaky to use material as long as they change some of the words.
  • Not enough time to make a reference page
  • Being lazy
  • Unclear definition of what plagiarism even is
  • Believing it is easy to get away with
  • Lack of academic confidence
  • Procrastination
  • Lapse of judgement “I know I made a mistake but it won’t happen next time.”