ASSIGNMENT 6(due Thursday, December 6)

  • Shoot your animation according to your storyboard.
  • You may choose/combine any of the following techniques: hand drawn, paper cut outs, puppets, clay, pixilation, rotoscope, flash, after effects.
  • Be prepared to show your work in progress (photo of your sets, frames of the animation, begun flash file etc…) on Tuesday November 27.
  • Do not worry about adding sound for now. We will work on this once the whole animation is edited.
  • Be prepared to show your animation to the class on Tuesday Dec. 6

ASSIGNMENT 5 (due Tuesday, November 13)

  • In groups of three, create a storyboard for a 2 minute animation you will be creating in the upcoming weeks.
  • The storyboard may be hand drawn, created with appropriated imagery or your own photos. (You can print/use this template if you’d like)
  • Be prepared to share your concept and your storyboard with the class on Tuesday, November 13.

ASSIGNMENT4/MIDTERM (due Thursday, October 25)

  • In groups of 2 give a presentation on one the following topics: History of Photomontage, DaDa, Futurism, Bauhaus, Paul rand, Helvetica, E.M. Forster’ s “The Machine Stops”, Edward Muybridge, Georges Melies, Alfred Hitchcock (this list is not exhaustive: you may choose another topic and submit it to me for approval)
  • Include media (video, images, audio etc…) in your Power Presentation.
  • Your presentation should be between 10 and 12 minutes long
  • Upload you Power Point presentation in PDF format on Open Lab, under the “Midterm” category

ASSIGNMENT 3(due Tuesday, October 16.)

  • In teams of two, create a Storyboard visualizing the following story:

A young man gets up on a weekday morning and gets ready to go to work. He buys breakfast on his way to the subway. The subway platform is packed. On the train, another passenger stumbles and bumps into him. His coffee spills all over his shirt. Once above ground, the protagonist looks at the time, realizes he is late, and runs across the street. In his haste he fails to notice a murky puddle and steps right into it. He finally arrives at his desk. The phone rings. He picks up… and wakes up back in his bed, with the alarm going off.

You must construct the storyboard with images gathered online – no original material. Create a shot list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or MS Word document. You may crop, scale, and rotate existing images but may not create new ones. Arrows and simple graphics should be used to describe movement within a shot. Captions should accompany the images and provide information regarding audio, timing, and other non-visual elements. Be prepared to present the final piece to the class on Tuesday, October 16.

ASSIGNMENT 2 (due Thursday, September 20. Readings due Thursday, September 13)

  • In teams of two create a Mood Board for one of the following project:

a new bike helmet or a print ad for a new soda or a science-fiction film

You will have to create a milestone spreadsheet in Excel, conduct a brainstorming session, find images online, organize them into categories/folders, and attribute them. Finally, you will assemble the images into a Mood Board using Photoshop. Be prepared to present the final piece to the class on Thursday, September 20.

ASSIGNMENT 1 (due Thursday, September 6)

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