Course code: PHYS 4150
Title: Computational Physics Laboratory
Number of hours, credits: 4 lab hours, 2 credits

Course Description:

This course provides a basic understanding of computer modeling in physics. Topics include basics of python programming language; scientific plotting; numerical evaluation of integrals; numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations; visual programming; basics of high performance and parallel computing; basics of graphics processing unit programming.

Recommended Texts:

Computational Physics, Mark Newman, 2012. ISBN-13: 978-1480145511. Amazon Link


Grades will be based on completion of the lab exercises and your final project.  All exercises and the final project must be submitted via GitHub.  All work must be individual work. Your final grade will be 70% exercises and 30% final project.


Week Topic Exercises
1 Interacting with Python, Using the Terminal 2.1
2 Version Control 2.4
3 Argument Passing
4 Visualization 3.2
5 Accuracy and Speed 4.3 & 4.4
6 Integration 5.4
7 Nonlinear Equations 6.10 & 6.15
8 Fast Fourier Transforms 7.1
9 Ordinary Differential Equations 8.7
10 Partial Differential Equations 9.8 & 9.9
11 Monte Carlo Methods 10.2
12 Final Project N/A
13 Final Project N/A
14 Final Project N/A
15 Final Project N/A
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