I am currently still in the process of editing my project. I need to upgrade my editing software. I will soon get to work on my slideshow and papers that are related to the culmination project as well.

Culmination project update

I have all narrated audio footage recorded. I might be able to edit all of it together. i am still awaiting some interview footage from my friends and my crew, but I am certain that I can still manage to put the film together.

Update February 5, 2020

During my most recent discussion with Professor Terao, I have noticed there have been some issues with one or two of the interviews in terms of audio issues and video quality. So this would mean that some reshoots are to be taken into affect. I will get the reshoots, as well as any other necessary extra footage for the documentary. I will make sure everything is perfect before the project is due.

Update 1/27/2020

Have spent the last few weeks gathering footage and interviews for my project. Managed to see statue of Captain America and got some good shots of the area. Still need to gather more interviews and record narrations. Overall, everything is coming along smoothly.