“Mother Tongue,” by Amy Tan

“If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is,” by James Baldwin

“I’m Articulate/Broken English,” by Jamila Lyiscott

“The Misery of Silence,” by Maxine Hong Kingston

“Going to Hooters and Seeing America,” by Mohammad Zia Adnan

“The Iguana in the Bathtub,” by Anne Doten

“A Rat’s Tale,” by Tony Gervino

“Talking Sex With Dad (in the Ford Taurus),” by Shane O’Neill

“Structural Revision”

“Line Editing”


“Claim, Reasons, Evidence”

“Logical Argumentation”

“Should Public Transit Be Free? More Cities Say, Why Not?,” by Ellen Barry

“Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of U.S. Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity,” by D. Philips & T. Arango

“Common Errors in Logic”

“Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?,” by Jean M. Twenge  [Parts I + II]

“What Kanye West Said About Slavery, Mental Health, and Obama in His New Interviews,” by J. Coscarelli and R. Ugwu

“The Research Process”


“Keywords + Searching”

“Assessing Sources”

“Plagiarism + Ethical Citation”

“MLA Format”

“Creating a Research Question”

“A Functional Immigration System Would Look Nothing Like America’s,” by Krishnadev Calamur

“The American Family Makes This Country Great, and It’s in Danger,” by Janet Murguia

“Incorporating Sources”

“…True Cause of the Gender Wage Gap,” by Sarah Kliff

“Why Stop-and-Frisk Inflamed Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods,” by Ashley Southall

“America’s Wealth Gap Is Split Along Racial Lines,” by Alvin Chang

“Abolish Billionaires,” by Farhad Manjoo

“Don’t Abolish Billionaires,” by Will Wilkinson

“What Reparations for Slavery Might Look Like in 2019,” by Patricia Cohen

“Georgetown Students Agree to Create Reparations Fund,” by Adeel Hassan

“Why Gun Culture Is So Strong in Rural America,” by Robert Leonard

“After the March, Follow This Gun Reform Plan,” by Steve Israel