Right outside City Tech

Something I saw yesterday coming into Pearl. Like an idiot, I forgot to turn my phone sideways.

This guy is about to die. Probably hemorrhaging internally.

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6 Responses to Right outside City Tech

  1. I read that there are mainly two species of rats in NYC, the brown rat and the ship rat. This should be, by the color, a brown rat, correct?

    I wouldn’t have put attention to this before, only since we start talking about this stuff is that I’m observing lots of things around in the environment.


    • Prof. Seto says:

      Based on the size and color, this is a Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus). It’s the type we use in the lab. I’ve mostly only used the white colored Brown Rat. There are 2 species: Black (Rattus rattus) and Brown. They’re both invasive. Black rat is associated with plague and famine. Anyway, maybe we need to trap a couple and put those pet GPS trackers on them.

  2. Well, the rat is on black bags.. Maybe they like not only food waste, but also municipal wastes in black bags from residence areas…

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