Slides that need to be discussed


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  1. Masa,

    This looks grate! The structure and goals of the project are well defined.

    These are some changes that need to be done. The name of my department is Computer Engineering Technology and Jeremy’s is Biological Science Department.

    Were you able to open the PPT file I sent last night? I put this information there.

    This can be used for the first reference (1640 tons…)

    Nick Burant, Andrew McCornack, and Holly Menten-Weil (2012) Managing Food Waste in New York City: A Development Framework for Organic Waste Facilities.
    Report from the Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy Program at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.
    Accessed on March 2013

    I’ll try to find the other references.

    Thanks for taking care of this.

  2. For the second reference.

    In wikipedia they mention that there are more rats than people (8 million vs 32 million)

    This is the cited reference:
    Wilsey, Sean (2005-05-17). “Some of them can read”. London Review of Books. Retrieved 2010-04-05.

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