Participating in NYCCT Athletics

Since the 2007-2008 academic year, City Tech has had twelve sanctioned varsity teams. The men’s and women’s varsity teams include basketball, cross-country, indoor and outdoor track & field, tennis and volleyball, men’s soccer and women’s softball. To be a member of one of these varsity teams, potential student athletes must be registered as full-time, four-year degree eligible students. Students must be CUNY-certified in reading, writing and math and must also maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

The athletic department reserves the right with each individual team to raise the accepted GPA level as prescribed by that team’s pre-participation contract. Due to construction on the Klitgord Center, varsity teams have been disbanded entirely until further notice due to the inavailability of any gym facilities. The school may attempt to reorganize as a junior college athletically, not having any outdoor facilities and losing their gymnasium makes it impossible to run an adequate program. It is said that City Tech will not have a native sports program until two to three years from now.

However, there is an intramural league program that is being put together in place of the lack of City Tech gym facilities, where athletes can practice and compete in their desired sport in a team-based fashion. There are also plans to include new athletic programs when gym facilities are available once again, such as a kickboxing program.

For further information regarding the present state of the City Tech athletic program, as well as information about CUNY-sanctioned intramural leagues, contact the information services center at (718) 260-5102 as well as at the E-mail address “”.

9 Responses to Participating in NYCCT Athletics

  1. Fabrice says:

    Hi, it’s there a basketball gym at the moment?

  2. Eamon Kirby says:

    I would like to try out fir basketball, soccer, tennis and archery team.

  3. Md Sharif Ahmed says:

    How do I join the Basketball team?

  4. Boluwatife Adebambo says:

    Hello, my name is Blu , I would like to try out for tennis team.

  5. Ramone Ricketts says:

    Hello, My name is Ramone Ricketts a current student at NYCCT, I would like to try out for the Men’s Soccer team.

  6. Gasser Bagoga says:

    Hello, my name is gasser current stuff NYCCT, I would like try out for the Men’s Basketball team I have good work ethic’s.

  7. jaylynn barrett says:

    I would like to try out for the Men’s Basketball team I have a great work ethic and team player

  8. Jayden says:

    Hello, My name is Jayden Colon a current student at NYCCT, I would like to try out for the Men’s basketball team

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