Activity Log

— Thursday, May 9, 2013

The group spent time establishing the project website. Since everyone was new to establishing a WordPress site, a fair amount of time was spend adjusting the site design and exploring our options.

Each group member was added to the project and promoted to administrators, giving everyone the ability to edit the website accordingly.

Since most of the information crucial to the website topic either is not located online or is very difficult to find, we researched and put together resources to collect this information and loosely discussed what to do next.

–Monday, May 13, 2013

The group has begun editing the design for a more user-friendly and straightforward interface. There were a few functions that we were not familiar with, and are now able to utilize to make the site more streamlined. Parminder has put together a tentative site design that will likely be fine tuned over the days to be both more interesting and appeal more to City Tech students.

We have also begun to discuss in depth what needs to be figured out through real-life research and not online. This includes finding out how to join a City Tech sports team, where the teams practice presently, where teams play games, details about City Tech’s team schedules, and if there are any sports teams that have not been documented online through the NCAA website.

We would also like to find out the history of the school’s sports teams to document on the homepage for interested students, such as team performance and achievements.

–Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The group is working on gathering up all the information available online and started putting it up on the pages. Although we found so much but we were unable to find anything recent. All the information was outdated but we did find some websites which details citytech’s baseball players history who made it to MLB.–new-york-city-college-of-technology

— Thursday, May 16, 2013

The group called and tried to find out what little present information is available about college sports teams and their participation presently due to the recent closing of the gym building. Information is very limited, even to the sports department as most practice sessions are presently taking place at other CUNY certified colleges while construction takes place. As far as recreational athletics go, there is no option for City Tech students other than to visit the gym facilities in other CUNY certified colleges.

— Friday, May 17, 2013

The group found out that despite all of the research put into City Tech sports teams has not amounted to very much. Due to the lack of gym facilities available to teams, City Tech has made their teams inactive for an indefinite amount of time–supposedly 2-3 years.

–Monday, May 20th

However, what was found out was that there are CUNY-sanctioned intramural leagues for athletes to participate in, in the place of school teams for the time being. The group also decided to add a video from 2009 of the school volleyball team.

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