What’s Good Everyone!?

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.  I am a male and would like to be acknowledged that way.  Currently, I reside in NYC Queens and Unfortunately, I say that, because I grew up in Bushwick and it was where I found my grounds of who I am. BTech is what I’m aiming for but the past two semesters, I’ve been horrible in school. I had low grades but I’m working hard to bring it back up to enter the major I want to be in. Do you ever get that feeling of being in a place that brings out your inner child? Yeah, that’s Bushwick for me. I found my style and love of creativity from my surroundings of the schools and environment I spent my years in. Growing up I wanted to be a carpenter, an artist, a biologist, and many more. But I realized what really drives me as a person which is Music. I’m not one of those typical Soundcloud rappers or anything like that. I am a musician that plays actual instruments and I love every moment of it! My favorite instrument is the drums and it makes me incredibly happy just to play it. I play the full kit and I have a 7 piece that’s in my church. I can go on and on but I’m gonna confuse you all. lol. All I want to say is, When it comes specifically to music and sounds, I take it very seriously. It’s just a souly thing yknow? Oh, and I didn’t like how I started college. All my 2020 people know that right?

This photo of my girl and I really means a lot to me. Throughout the pandemic, it’s been hard to be with some family members. I consider my girl a part of my family so it definitely was hard on an emotional level just to be with her. We’ve been through mad ups and downs but yknow what, we are still here and are 2 years 8 months strong. This photo brings out our creativity and love in designs and fashion and art! We came to “The Edge” and it was a great experience. Never will I give up on this person that never gave up on me one bit. Will always remain strong even at the hardest times!