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Hello, My name is Galileo Derival and I’m currently on my third year at City Tech.  I had issues registering on this website which is the reason I wasn’t able to post.  I’m majoring in Legal Studies and I plan on going to Law School after Citytech. The picture I have attached is about nature. I’ve always admired nature and its beauty. I also believe many humans need to reconnect with nature since in modern days a lot of people live in the cities. I’m excited to join this course and learning about American literature. Continue reading


Hi I would like to apologize for my late introduction as I was having a little difficulty with finding my way around this website which is very new to me . My name is Amoy Russell-Jonas I am 25years old. Im currently in Health Science major I plan to apply for the nursing program for spring 2020. I am  a mother of a 5 year old and i am currently working as Nursing Assistant. This will be my second semester at city tech because a currently transfer from Medgar Evers College after doing almost two years there. My main goal in this class is to be very efficient and also to exceed at my best.


My name is Jawad, and I’m currently hoping to major in radiology. My goal is to do the best I can in all the classes that I’m currently taking. The main goal for me is to end up going to medical school and even though that is going to be a long road I definitely  believe that it will all be worth it at the end.  The one word that I feel like best describes how I’m feeling about this class is confident. I know I can do well in this course and I look forward to learning new things in this class.

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