Journal Entry 8

Someone that I’ve looked up to during this internship opportunity this semester is Scott himself. Not only because he’s my boss but how he runs the agency and continues to keep on moving forward. Hard work is always the way to success and Scott seems to always show that, the way he runs Artwing and Big Production & Event, I would consider Scott my mentor. He has taught me a lot about being a leader and a hard worker, and also how to work well with clients. Interning with him really opened my eyes and mind to the kinds of leadership advice. Now that I’m at the end of this journey I feel like I’m leaving with a lot of good information.

Journal Entry 7

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Five


Due to my position at this internship all the work I have done has been collaborative projects. When Scott sends me to photographs to turn into client card I am collaborating with the photographer, whenever I complete a card and send it back I get feedback from both Scott and the photographer telling me what works and what doesn’t work, then I go back and fix it. We always communicate so that the collaboration with me and the photographer will always be out best work for the client.

bigproductionsborder1 nicholas-routzen

Journal Entry 6

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Four part 3

Continuing with what I’ve been learning at Artwing this week after creating some portfolio cards I observed how everybody was working on their projects especially Scott. The passion and work ethic to get the client the best work they could produce is amazing. Scott is constantly working to keep the work flow smooth and moving forward while everyone perfects the projects they’re working one. As the intern I do my part and try to stay at a high level of work to keep up with the company. A couple weeks back Scott had me create a logo for “Big Productions & Events”, which is a new company he is branching off of Artwing. I learned a lot of how to start up a new business through an existing one.

Journal Entry 5

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Four part 2

Like I said in my other entry I’ve learned a lot more of the business side of running a creative agency. The meeting that have to be set up and the proper way to approach clients and/or potential clients. One of the main things I’ve learned is the interaction with your client. Always making sure the client see the best work of all the photographers so that they know the kind of works they’ll be paying for is a big deal. Furthermore, working with the client communication is key, is a really big part of maintaining the relationship and keeping them happy till the end. That being said giving them as much feedback as you think they’ll need is essential.

Internship Entry 4

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Four


I’ve been learning a decent amount of things at my internship, not so much design-wise but more so about how to run a creative agency and how to interact with clients and potential clients. Working here I try to soak up a much information about the business aspect of it. As far as being a designer I feel like I know a lot, though there will always be room to learn more, I am also trying to broaden my knowledge on learning the business, the networking and knowing first-hand how to run and known and trusted brand. Interning here at Artwing I have definitely learned a couple things that I will take with me as I grow and eventually try to create a brand of my own.

Internship Entry 3

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Three


The workplace is a pretty chill environment, it’s an open work studio where other companies also work from. There is no specific dress code but everyone there dresses very well/professional. I normally dress pretty simple, plain shirt, chino pants and whatever comfortable shoes/sneakers I’m feeling that day. It’s an open work area so no cubicles or offices –just open space to work. Everybody brings their own work laptop and gets to work. The photographers on the other hand have their own studio if they aren’t shooting outside. A typical employee workday is quite mellow, my shifts are only 4 hours a day so I start at 12pm, find my spot to work then ask Scott what he has for me to do. He then emails the photographs he wants me to put together for the clients, usually I make 3-4 cards a day. I take a 30 minutes break whenever, usually around 2:30, then I come back to work. Sometime when I finish early I hang around to see what others are working on and try to learn as much as I can.

Internship Entry 2

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Two


My role as an intern for this company can be described as a “Communication Designer/Editor.” My responsibilities as a Communication Designer/Editor is to create client cards of the photographers works so that they quickly view what kind of photography they would want from the company. I was fortunate enough to be selected for this internship because shortly after my internship opportunity at my job Urban Outfitters, didn’t work out I needed to find something else, so I emailed Scott Buchheit after doing some research of his company Artwing. I found out about Artwing through the list provided by professor Nicolaou. After emailing him and sending my resume he responded saying he would like to meet for an interview. When I met with Scott Buchheit he told me a lot about the company and all the things I would be doing as an intern for his company. During the interview he asked me about the software I was familiar with and the kind of things I knew how to do. I only had one interview where he told me I got the position and that I would start the following week.

Internship Entry 1

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry one


The company that I am interning for is called Artwing. It is a photography agency founded by Scott Buchheit. Artwing is a private agency located at 611 Broadway, Suite 718, New York, NY. The primary business of this company is photography, with more than ten photographers employed they have a range of so many different styles and approaches for client satisfaction. Artwing has worked with clients such as Iris Magazine, Chloe Magazine. The area that I will be working or this company as an intern will be creating client cards for each of the photographers works, and also updating their website and editing some blogs when needed. One article I found was about an Artwing photographer winning a Bronze prize from the One Eyeland Awards. According to the article Eyeland is the world’s larges photography award; the story featured super model Shanina Shaik.

michele-aboud_fb_5k-finalist micheleaboud_fb_3finalist

Here are some photographs from the award winning shoot.