Internship Entry 3

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame

Journal Entry Three


The workplace is a pretty chill environment, it’s an open work studio where other companies also work from. There is no specific dress code but everyone there dresses very well/professional. I normally dress pretty simple, plain shirt, chino pants and whatever comfortable shoes/sneakers I’m feeling that day. It’s an open work area so no cubicles or offices –just open space to work. Everybody brings their own work laptop and gets to work. The photographers on the other hand have their own studio if they aren’t shooting outside. A typical employee workday is quite mellow, my shifts are only 4 hours a day so I start at 12pm, find my spot to work then ask Scott what he has for me to do. He then emails the photographs he wants me to put together for the clients, usually I make 3-4 cards a day. I take a 30 minutes break whenever, usually around 2:30, then I come back to work. Sometime when I finish early I hang around to see what others are working on and try to learn as much as I can.