I have always been taught throughout my life that you must treat people the way in which you would like to be treated. I try to be very optimistic, caring, nice, and loyal to anybody that I encounter. Often times at my job in the retail business I end up losing my patience due to the many disrespectful people out in the world but I still try to pull through and have the greatest positive impact on my customers.

I have encountered several situations at my retail job where I have had customers complain about my associates and how disrespectful they were or how my associates don`t know about the products in the store. The customer almost always wants to speak to the supervisor in charge where that would be me and I would have to apologize on my associate`s behalf. Then I would have to assist them with finding the product they were looking for or were inquiring about and ensure their happiness by the time they leave the store. Having to take charge of the situation and act in a polite, respectful way even if the person is wrong shows not just how I was brought up but also what values were taught to me by my mother to create a balance of good and evil in this often confusing world.

I will make sure that all of the ethics that I have learned and carried out throughout my life will help progress my future goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. I truly believe that having patience, working hard, and doing whatever you can to make yourself stand out, among all the other candidates fighting for the same position in the profession you want to pursue, is essential to your success.