Communication is encouraged freely among everybody in my family, we talk more than any other family I know mostly because we all live together and are always in each other`s faces. Religious wise, the women and men from different families are not supposed to talk or be in the same room since it is considered wrong. In Islam, men and women are usually separated to keep anything from happening such as giving in to temptation and lust. Communication between the same genders, however, can be very respectful and fair. Mostly because members of the same gender or social rank must give respect to each other but are not required to give it to anybody else who is not worthy of it.

Being able to listen fully and comprehend what someone else is saying. Also, talking in full, meaningful sentences that leads to an ultimate purpose is considered good communication. Eye contact and good posture is also required without any fumbling. Good communication also entails being considerate of what to say in front of specific people in order to insure that you don`t say something that can be taken as being offensive.

Seeming disinterested or slumped in a chair is considered disrespectful and inconsiderate of the other person`s feelings. Being distracted by the television, games or other people is very rude and can cause the person talking to get upset. Also, having a woman give her input or give advice in a conversation with a man is not allowed in Islam. This makes the forms of communication really difficult to achieve since it is very limited and disorganized.

In my home in America, compared to school, there is no difference in communication expectations. On the other hand, in my country in Pakistan compared to school here, there is a difference in communication. In school, more often than not, I can freely speak as long as I am not disrespectful or rude to anybody especially the professors. In my home in Pakistan, I am required to stay quiet, mostly cause I am a female, and only speak when I am spoken to. Otherwise, if I speak, even if it is to ask for something or to contribute to the conversation, everybody will look at me like I am a rude child.