Good Website V.S Bad Website

Good Website:

The apple website is a good website, for so many reasons. To begin with it is perfectly well laid out; it has an easy accessible navigable layout. Everything is in perfect order, with the main menu on the top of the webpage giving you access to other parts of the webpage. You can spot out the search bar from miles away; a search bar is always an important tool for most website, containing a lot of information. Colors of the webpage play a big role how on successful the webpage could be; it has the perfect combination of colors that are light to our eyes, very easy to read. The apple webpage also has a lot of visuals that are well organized in their categories.


Bad Website:

This website is a very horrible website. This website has no layout at all to begin with. There should be a main menu on the top of the webpage to show you  county jobs; city government jobs, New York State Government jobs. There is no color in it at all  in the entire page. There is no search bar at all. Also there is no option on how to contact the owner of the page, or a support tag. All the text in the webpage is underlined; I don’t think that such a good thing.

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