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Taking the credit, without earning it.

My boss gave me credit for a project on which a colleague did most of the work. Should I accept the praise?
If I were to be in a situation like this, I personally would not accept the full credit for the project. Why? Well because mainly it is not the right thing to do, its wrongdoing/unethical, and you know what they say about karma. It could lead to some serious consequence on a future day, for example; I accept the full credit for the given project, and then my colleague would get mad at me which he has the right to; he then would approach the boss and explain to him that he was the one who actually did most of the work. He shows him enough evidence to back up his claim, and next thing you know I could get fired, have a record for fraud, stealing other ideas, I might not even be able to get a job a good job because of that on a future day.
Another reason of why I wouldn’t accept the full credit for the project is because well, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.It would make me a miserable person. Small things like this could change a person for its entire life, you could get bad luck for a long period of time, you know what they say don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you. So to be more specific i wouldn’t take full credit but i would state i did some work, but my colleagues are the real reason the project was done. To me this demonstrate leadership in some way(Honesty).

Apple VS Orange

Edwanny Soto 9-13-2011

I have an orange. I really like oranges. You have an apple. Convince me to trade.
Well Apples come in all color like red, green, yellow or golden apple and oranges well they are only one color. Apples are more famous than orange in the fact that you can make different apple pies out of apples for example sour cream apple pie, apple crumb pie, and oranges well there not that many dishes you or better said appetizer with oranges. Apples are more famous than orange because an apple is known to be the Forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate. Apples do not do not upset acid reflux like oranges do. You don’t have to peal an apple in contrast to an orange you have to peal it.

ClassWork 9-7-2011

Edwanny Soto                                                                                               9-7-2011

Advance Technical Writing


  • Yes it would, because on top of the webpage it has all the different categories that you would be looking for, and it has a lot of information throughout the entire webpage and banner with wedding picture and green card renewal. For instance you might not even have to read what
  • The “Where do I start” feature on the right site of the webpage, I would say make it navigable
  • The feature that I most like about this webpage is the “Where Do I Start” on the right side of the website. It’s a perfect tool if you do not know how to get specific information.
  • I would layout the webpage differently; it has too much going on, on the main page. It not that well organized. I would also bring the search bar to the top of the webpage, where it would be more appreciate by users.Also i would make the webpage available in other languages.
  • It took me about 5 min to fin the FORM I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, I had to look into every category, because I didn’t find the search bar at the top of the webpage.