Internship Blog 9

This week I was assign to design flyers for the companies I design the app for. I enjoy making the flyers because it is what I like to do most. I love creating layouts and working with Photoshop. Piecing pieces of information together is what I enjoy most. I tried to make a design that goes straight to the point. It also has to relay the information as simple and clear as possible to the audience. I will be working on three more flyers for other companies in the coming week. Here is the finish layout of the flyer.


Internship Blog 8

As a Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program intern I am required to attend an event call Beyond Coding. It is program that is hosted every Tuesday and Thursday. Every Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program interns go to the one on Tuesday. There is a total of six sessions of Beyond Coding. Each session is hosted by a company that is participating in it. These companies are stackoverflow, CREST, KICKSTARTER, Trello, FOURSQUARE, and tumblr. There will be speakers from each of these companies giving lectures on important things to know in the tech field. It is a great experience to hear from big companies in the tech field.


(Tumblr. HQ)


(Stackoverflow Building)

Internship Blog 7

Currently I am still working on my first project in New York App Designers. I found a non-profit organization call Modest Needs. It is a company that helps kick start funding for normal people in needs. I think my progress is going great so far. I learned quite a bit from Khalidi. His company has its own tool to create apps. It took me some time to fully grasp the tools in the program. After I understand the program everything else is smooth sailing. I believe I am doing well so far. Everything is on track and on time. I am satisfied with my progress. Once I completed the demo I will be pitching it to the client with Khalidi. It will be a great experience to have since I will have more face to face experience with clients.

Internship Blog 6

Another thing I learned from this company is that having a team is very important. Our company is very diverse. It is diverse not only in culture but in skills as well. The interns all have their skills in different areas like I mentioned in my previous post. Since everyone each work on their own apps, there are many things we might need help with. The graphic designers can help the coders with Photoshop for editing images.  The coders on the other hand can help the graphic designers on coding related things such as html.

Internship Blog 5

The projects I get in this internship are all solo projects. Each of the interns in the company is required to create their own apps. Therefore I didn’t have much chance to work on a group project with other interns. However, I was able to work with other interns while we are each working on our own apps. We give each other advises as well as helping each other with the programs. It was a great working environment since the interns can learn from each other. We have three graphic designers and three coders. Each major can learn quite a bit from the other major.



(App Viewer)

Internship Blog 4

One thing I learned from the company is that in order for a project to succeed I must first understand the client. It is very important to do as much research on the client as I can before proceeding any further. The job requires me to do as much brainstorming as I can since I have design not only the art but function as well. This helps me improve on my thinking skills. The more I brainstorm the easier new ideas come to my head. It is a great learning experience.

Work Site

(New York App Designers Team)

Internship Blog 3

The culture of my workplace is very diverse. We have interns of various cultural backgrounds. The work place itself is located in the New Rochelle College by the Recreational Plaza. The interns work in a computer lab of the New Rochelle College. We each have our own table where we used our laptops on. Each Day I would go to work around nine in the morning. I go to the classroom and setup my own station for work. Once everything is set, I would then look over the drafts of layouts on the scrapbook I bring with me every day. The scrapbook allows me to work on the design on pen and paper before going onto the computer. It is much easier and faster to get an idea down. Afterwards I will translate my designs and drawings to digital. At noon the interns will have an hour break to get lunch. I like to work on the app while eating lunch so stay at the workstation when I eat. The workflow continues with me working on the app till five in the afternoon.

Internship Blog 2

My role in New York App designers as a graphic designer intern is to design and create layouts for the apps. I would need to do research on the non-profit companies I will be making a demo for. The layouts require lots of brainstorming and strategies. The app designs must enhance each of the companies. I applied for the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program during my spring semester. Its process was very long and competitive since there are three students for every job opening. There are different stages of the process I must pass to go on to the next stage. I went to a speed interview at the final stage of the internship process. A speed interview is like speed dating with companies. I was sat down with three different companies at different time during the speed interview. The interviewer for my company is Khalidi. He is the owner of the company. I had a face to face interview with him showcasing my portfolio. Khalidi asked me about the projects I have done and the background for each one. The interview went well and I was chosen for the position.

Internship Blog 1

This summer I will be working for a company call New York App Designers. New York App Designers is a startup company. The company is fairly small for now. Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program has provided six interns for the company. New York App Designers is a private company that design apps for non-profit organizations. The company design and create apps for non-profit organizations free of charge. A demo of an app will be made and pitched to the potential clients.  The non-profit organizations that use this service will need to pay monthly upkeep fee. New York App Designer is still in the early stages of the company. The company is only out for a few years. I will be working in the graphic design department creating layouts for apps over the summer. There isn’t any recent news article of New York App Designers yet. Here is a link to their website:


(BTTIP Orientation Building)

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