The topic is about teaching others the different music genres and instruments based on our knowledge. We are a group of students who all play different instruments. We created a system based on the instruments we play to teach others the same instruments. Not only do we teach instruments but some music genres that may associate with the instrument. Of course, this then limits the amount of music there is and instruments. We added a short teach system to the viewers. They can watch videos online or even request a personal tutor or go to tutor sessions. This gives choices and makes the person who is interested in learning more comfortable. We wanted our viewers to also get a taste of the music straight from the site so we added a radio station. We had to make sure to get the right information from the good quality sites. For the music genres and instruments we used standard resources that would help us give any history on the two. The videos we used were implemented to help those who want to learn and get better in playing an instrument. The sessions to get help or a tutor were based off a ranking system and feedback or reviews from people who have been to that website or that have got help from there. The tool we a
trying to create is more of an information tool where people can find similar interests in music and get better from looking at our website. It gives information to those who are interested in watching live shows and music venues.

Daniela – Electric Guitar

Roger – Viola

Santina – Drums

Jennifer – Acoustic Guitar