About Me

Hi my name is Muji and this is my portfolio. My design goal is to learn all that is to know in this course, so I can pass the class for my major.

There are many things that inspire me. Movies and television shows is the bulk of the inspiration that I draw upon. Comic book and similar media make up the rest. On top of the media inspiration people inspire me too. Such people like Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger for their work effort, their drive to be best in their area and the spirit to not give up.

I like to work in a lot of ways. Mostly traditional(pen, pencil, markers etc.) but I don’t mind working digitally. However I was interested in drawing. It was my passion but sadly that passion died out.

The type of projects that I’m interested in collaborating would be projects that are challenging. Either it would be advertising, coming up with a design, collages, pretty much anything that it will challenge me. I don’t mind working with others as long as they do their part of the work and are social.