Course Resources

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Below please find links and support materials to help you succeed in this course and beyond. If you don’t find the resources you’re looking for, just ask!

Unity 3D Plugins/Assets/Packages [ALL FREE]

Photon Network
Mesh And Object Deformers
3D Beginner: Complete Project
Mesh Baker
AR Foundation
AR Kit Face Tracking
Shader graph
HDRP (High Def Render Pipeline) Link1 (non VR), Link2 (for VR)
Sketchup (free 30 days trial)
Microsoft Maquette

Note: This list will be constantly updated, please check again and feel free to contact me to suggest plugins or tools you’re interested in working with.

Other resources

• Unity Assets: VRTK, Oculus Integration, Oculus Avatar, NewtonVR, Unity Asset Store,
• Template Projects: PlayoVR (multiplayer VR template), NormCore (multiplayer VR template)
• Online info: XR Artists Collective, Facebook group VR Animation, XR Artists Toolkit,
• Random: Google, YouTube, Looking Glass, Magic Leap, SteamVR, Oculus,
• Apps: Unity3D, Blender, Ableton Live, Instant Meshes
• Converters/Video Capture: OBS, Miro Converter,
• 3D Art: Sketchfab, Poly, Quill, Medium, Gravity Sketch, Tilt Brush, AnimVR, Tvori,
• 3D Capture: Metashape, Mimesys, Rokoko
• Communication: Slack, Trello, Zoom
• Madefire (Comic books for Magic Leap device): MadeFire

News & Media Outlets

• Killscreen:

• Kotaku:

• Gamasutra:
• IndieCade:
• Games for Change:
• GDC:

• Road to VR: 

• UploadVR:
• VRFocus:  

• Wired:  

• The Verge:
• Motherboard: 

• The New York Times Business and Technology sections:  (you can sign up for free with school email) 

• Engadget: 

• Twitter/Instagram hashtags #vr, #ar #oculusrift, #oculusquest #htcvive, People constantly share cool stuff there and via other hashtags.
• Facebook groups dedicated to VR/XR

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