Course Schedule

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Week Outline:

Week 1 – 08/27 – Introduction & Source Control/Collaboration

Lecture – Course overview, presentation, syllabus, communication & organizing tools.

Lab – Source Control with Github, Fork, & your new unity3D project.

Watch – Watch First follower theory: Leadership lessons from a dancing guy (here)

Week 2 – 09/10 – Terrain Building & Level Design in Unity 

Lecture/Lab – [What is a bootstrap], Unity3D recap, level design with Terrain tools & Probuilder.

Lab – Package Manager goodies (Post process effects, Video recorder), Standard Assets, SDK.

Read & Respond – TBD
Do (before class) -Create an Openlab portfolio if you don’t already have one, and create a category dedicated to this class. You will use it to document any work you produce in this class.

Week 3 – 9/17 – Terrain Building & Level Design in Unity: Ground check

Lecture/Lab – Assignments review & support.

Do (before class) – Create a Unity scene with a full terrain (ground textures, grass, trees, wind, player controller, post-process effects. Record a short walk through video (1min max). Briefly document your process in your portfolio, explain what you’ve tried to achieve (what look/atmosphere, any references you may have used, etc.), and post a link to your video trailer.

Week 4 – 09/24 – C# Scripting Part 1 & Guidelines for Project 1:Kontrol

Lecture/Lab – C# scripting (conditional logic, input methods, generate and random), Guidelines for Project 1.
Lab – Creating responsive C# scripts for your Project 1.

Watch & Respond – TBD

Week 5 – 10/01 – C# Scripting Part 2 & Deliver Project 1: Kontrol

Lecture/Lab – C# scripting (access other scripts, find with tag, coroutine).
Lab – Project 1: Kontrol presentations.

Read & Respond – TBD
Do (before class) – Finalize and deliver Project 1: Kontrol. Document your scripting work with flowcharts on your portfolio.

Week 6 – 10/08 – Introduction to XR Development (AR Foundation & XR Interaction Toolkit)

Lecture/Lab – Current state of AR, Using AR Foundations to create an AR experience in Unity.

Lecture/Lab – Current state of VR, Using XR Interaction Toolkit to create a VR experience in Unity.

Week 7 – 10/15 – Guidelines & Lab time for Project 2: Intervene

Lecture – Guidelines for Project 2.

Lab – Lab time for Group Project 2: Intervene.

Read & Respond – TBD

Week 8 – 10/22 – How to start Project 2: Intervene & Video Export /Animation

Lab – Create/find assets, import assets, set up floors, walls,  lighting & post process effects.
Lab – Create AR device & content, player, UI, video export, camera animation & scene building.

Watch & Respond – TBD

Week 9 – 10/29 – Support Project 2: Intervene

Lab – Support for projects

Lab – Support for projects

Do (before class): Development work on Project 2: Intervene and documentation.

Week 10 – 11/05 – Project 2: Intervene: Proof of Concept Presentations, Audio Visualizer

Lecture – Proof of Concept Project 2: Intervene presentations.
Lecture/Lab – [What is weird?] Creating an audio visualizer in Unity with Keijiro’s Reaktion SDK.

Week 11 – 11/12 – Communication & Networking & Guidelines Project 3: Connect!

Lecture/Lab – Guidelines Project 3: Connect! & Lab time.

Lab – Creating an interactive installation with gesture sensors (Leap Motion, Kinect) & Unity3D.

Week 12 – 11/19– Communication & Networking & Project 3: Connect! 

Lab – Creating a live video chat app that lets you share your screen using the Agora SDK, Lab time. 

Week 13 – 12/03 – Support for Final Project

Lab – Concept review for the final project. 

Do (before class) –Β  Deliver Project 3: Connect! Clone or download the agora project on Github. Create an Agora developer account. Add an App KeyRecord a video tutorial with voice over (20min max).

Week 14 – 12/10 – Support for Final Project

Lab – Student lab time to work on final projects.

Week 15 – 12/17 – Final Project Demos

Lecture – Demo final projects in class. Show your creative process and what you were able to implement. 


1: Kontrol [Individual project]:

Create a Unity environment that responds to simple user input. This can be very

intentional in terms of interaction design or experimental and playful. Possible input

devices include keyboard, mouse, midi-controllers, Arduino boards, webcam, or microphone.

2: Intervene [Group project]:

In teams of 2, create a prototype for an augmented reality β€œguerrilla” interventionist exhibition. Treat the design and documentation as if you were able to be on-site and circumstances are


3: Immerse! [Group project]:
In teams of 2, create a prototype for a simple immersive experience that requires communication between two devices. Document your workflow in a 20min video tutorial. 

4: Project Connect: 

Creating a live video chat app that lets you share your screen using the Agora SDK. You should understand the process of using the Agora development console to create a new app, and inputting your App Key in Unity. This will give you the ability to share your screen, and use video chat features with any game. 

5. Final Project

Create a final project using the skills you’ve learned in class so far. This should utilize user input in a way that creates an interactive and visual experience. There is a lot of flexibility in this project, use your creativity. Feel free to make this about something you feel passionate about. Review some of the topics we covered in class and try to incorporate as many of them as you can. I will be grading based on effort, concept design, and visual appeal. 

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