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Looking forward to meeting you and having a productive semester.

This is the class Open Lab site. Assignments, instructions and extra resources will be posted here.

If you have any questions or need further information about an assignment please email me at

If you are absent, you are responsible to make up the work in a timely fashion.

Each of you will be creating an Open Lab/Wordpress site for all the work you produce in this class. Your site should be customized in a manner that is professional and highlights your work. Please be make sure that I have your Open lab URLs ASAP.

Assignment 1: Due on Wednesday

Please create an Open Lab site. You will need to have a CIty Tech email to create this site. If you are having trouble accessing your site visit the quick links on City Tech’s website for tech support.

  1. Customize your page with a responsive theme that supports multimedia, an original header, personalized colors, title and tagline. Your header can be a photograph that you recently took or an image that you have designed. Be aware of the ideal pixel size as you design a header.
  2. Create an “About Me” page. This should be a simple bio that reflects who you are. You may also include a photograph.
  3. Create your first post which can simply be a bit of text welcoming us to your site. Feel free to upload a photo etc.