About me


Hello! My name is Mariluz Ruiz I am currently a senior at City College. My interest in the field of dentistry began from a very young age growing up in a poverty stricken town. In my town I witnessed as children and adults suffered greatly from dental health issues that could have easily been prevented if only they had the right tools, resources and education. Tooth decay, severe infections and unnecessary tooth extractions were a common occurrence. Thankfully as I grew up I was given the valuable opportunity at an excellent education and thus a better way of life.

Throughout my career as a dental assistant and my education as a dental hygienist student I have learned the importance of simple dental health habits.  I now feel a strong sense of commitment to pass on my knowledge to others. I strongly believe that oral health is a necessity and key to whole body health. I have a special interest in pediatric dental health, for I believe that establishing good oral health habits and behavior early in life can have a huge benefit for general health and well-being.

As I embark on my career as a dental hygienist I aim to help my community achieve excellent oral health through high quality and multidisciplinary dental services and education. I aim to promote the benefits of good oral health to children and those who care for them. I find great reward and fulfillment in giving back to my community and as a dental hygienist I will be able to do just that.