My philosophy

My personal philosophy in nursing is compassion, caring, acceptance; as a nurse I feel that patients come to health care to find a different love and exceptional care that no one else can provide but us. I try day by day the best of my ability for my patients to feel that we care and believe that everyone is entitle to receive equality and optimal of care despite of gender, race, religion. With this ethical value we can create patient- nurse relationship not only to alleviate their suffering and optimizing their health and ability, also create trust between the patients, family, and the team. I am devoted to representing myself as a competent, compassionate and caring nurse in the health care continuum not to criticize patient’s beliefs or values but I will perform my duties based on my professional nursing judgment and also on research . Working with patients either rich or poor , black or white, educated or none educated and any denominational or religion foundation to help them achieve their optimal level of well-being. Treating my patients with dignity, respect, honesty, supporting them regardless of their choices, welcoming their presence among us to establish our optimal goals of holistic care.
My personal philosophy in nursing makes me gain a set of values to control my internal behaviors or instincts which affect my individual’s relationship with others. Through the nursing profession I acquired professional values from my experiences, teachers, fellow workers and even students. This is everything that I learned from my college classroom lectures, the bond that I have with the students and interaction with my patients and peers. This knowledge helps me shape my career to become a different person, behave in a value-neutral way which allow me to think differently to establish effective relationships with clients who have diverse values and beliefs.
The American nurses association stated that ‘ Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations” ( American Nurses Association, 2004,p.7). To my point of view nurses should be culturally competent to work with diverse ethnic groups to accept the clients values and beliefs rather assume that their own values are the right ones. This acceptance and nonjudgmental approach requires nurses to be aware of their own values and how the influence behavior (Blais, 2010).

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